darling little pearled shoebox....

When a shoebox is kept, its usually filled with sentimental mementos from the past, that one cherishes and simply cant part with, well here inside Pearled Shoebox the same concept applies except we're filling our shoebox (aka our shoppe), with glamorous fashions and accessories from the past! True gems that are worth cherishing in your wardrobe!

Therefore, there is no need to spend hours digging thru musty thrift stores to find stand out pieces to add to your closet because Pearled Shoebox Vintage makes vintage shopping easy for our clients by doing all the hard work for them. We find and present stylish top grade gems that have little to no wear. 

Established in 2014. Pearled Shoebox Vintage began as just a pop up shop and Etsy store with a specialty in vintage and vintage inspired women's shoes, handbags and accessories. However upon moving into our Oak Park storefront in 2018, we added our curated collection of vintage and vintage inspired  dresses, skirts, blouses and blazers!

Our favorite style eras include the 70s, 80s and 90s therefore most of our gems are reflective of those particular time period fashions. 

Our shoppe is specifically for women who like to add fancy fly pieces from yesteryears into their modern day to day wardrobes!