Oct 2020 Collection Theme: At-Home Fanciness

Living thru the quarantine, robes and kimonos became my daily uniform. Aside from being at home non stop....like most of us, I had so many other heavy things on my mind that when it came to clothes, comfort was essential nothing, else mattered ...  but I’m a woman that stills likes some extra-ness so I made a point to treat myself to a fancy robe or kimono whenever I was down and before I knew it (cause this has been a wild year) I had about 20 lol😩😂 but here me out they were instant mood boosters and made me feel luxurious.

Therefore when I sat down to come up with our first collection theme I knew immediately I wanted to deliver that same feeling to my Pretties Squad. I also just wanted to present some multi wearable pieces that would transition well from outside to inside just in case we go back into a full blown quarantine.

I drew inspiration from the 90s trend of slinky midi dresses, silk fabrics, a few 90s music videos and shows, animal prints and lastly relaxing vacations with flower's baths.

So with all  that said get into this At-Home Fanciness collection. 

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